Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little something for me!

I love aprons. I just think they are sooo cute. I love to pour over books of aprons, google them and look at them, I love to wear them.

One year for Christmas I made all the females in my family aprons. I've made them for gifts and I've made them to sell... but aside from this one.... that I don't even really like... I've never made one for me.

Well, this past weekend. I did! And I'm so glad. I just love this little happy owl apron. It reminds me so much of my Granny. I just smile when I put it on.

AND... after I finished it and tried it on, I came out of the bathroom and William said, "You look so cute, Mom!" Wow! What a compliment. My son is so sweet.

So here's my new apron:
The embroidery file is my favorite owl from ebay
The fabrics are from Wal Mart and Mom's sewing room
and the owl panel is from the remnant bin at Hancock Fabrics
The pattern is the new adjustable apron pattern from Simplicity with a few minor changes. I love it- very easy to make, comfortable to wear, and cute to boot!

and here's what I looked like when William said I was cute. :)

More owls tomorrow!
I sent William off to school today... I'm a little sad about that, but he was excited. I stayed up all night working on a shirt that he asked me for when I tucked him in bed. He was super excited this morning to find it! He's fun to sew for, too!
And I loved that he wanted me to make him something :)


jellaan said...

Cute apron!! Love the owl panel!!