Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Matching Maxi Dresses

We love matching outfits in my family.
Some of us just never grew out of that fad....
I still love to match my sisters and now, they like to match my kids.

Here is a cute little maxi dress I made Lucy to match my littlest sister.
My Mom made her dress and you can read more about it here: (as well as a really funny story about my forth of July this year)

I didn't use a pattern for Lucy's- just used the scraps from Judy's and basic rectangles for the pattern.

and here is a picture of me and my little sister wearing matching outfits from my Granny.

Granny lived in these little outfits for years. We love them.
I want to make some for the girls.


Ashley said...

SO CUTE. I love the maxi dresses. Thanks SO much for the nice review of my skirt/skort too! You daughter makes an adorable model ;)

Marsha said...

That's great!! Love the beautiful matching maxi dresses... Little girl is looking too cute!!