Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Owl Towels and Pickle Pie Design

Here's some little owl towels I made for a customer.

I love how they turned out.... and it could have been a disaster.
She sent me this link and asked me if I could match the shower curtain... sure I can. But it looked maroon, mauve, pink on my computer screen. Thank goodness I decided to check it out in the actual store- whoa! It was brown, tan, and red!

So... I matched the shower curtain to some paint samples (which is a great tip I read somewhere....) and then came home and matched the paint chips to my fabrics.

The font is tinkertoy and the owl is my favorite little guy from tigerlilyhill embroidery designs on ebay. I merged them in Embird- which I just downloaded for a 30 day free trial... and I'm hooked. I love it!

... and here are the new adorable designs by Pickle Pie that I was telling you about.

This little in the hoop bow holder

and the little posy bows that hang on it

My camera could not get a good shot... these photos are not doing justice to how cute these are. And they're so simple to make, no satin stitch around make for a very quick, easy way to make little girls very HAPPY!

Look at the ones I made to go with this (to be) outfit for Emma Daisy.

... and don't worry, Hailey and Alyssa... the H and the A are on the way!
I just have to figure out what colors I want to use.... and I think I need to get some better quality felt. All I have is craft kind.

I made myself a dress today... just need to hem it up and have Jerry take some photos of me! Yea! I like it, too.


Mom said...

Love the towels. The new pickle pie flower bows and holder are very cute. Can't wait to see your new dress.

Janay said...

EVERY time I see a new project of yours with that owl and fall in love with it more and more. I've got to go email her and ask if she'll put it back on her site. :)
Embird is AWESOME. Worth every penny. Enjoy!!
Oh, and thanks for the paint chip idea -- that's fantastic!

Janay said...

Woo-hoo!! I just got the design! Can't wait to come up with a reason to stitch it!
Thanks for your inspiration.