Thursday, August 20, 2009

Owl Towels

I just love these little owl towels and I've actually done pretty well with them in my etsy store. So I stitched up some more samples the other day.

Here they are: Aren't they cute!

This owl design is from ggdesigns- Ella's favorite owl

This owl is also from ggdesigns- William's favorite owl

***this is actually the in the hoop softie... that I mistook for an applique... oops.... so I had to add the feet to cover up the lines for turning it inside out***

This owl is from Pickle Pie designs- it's Lucy's favorite owl

And this one is from Homeberries- Jerry's favorite (we think it looks like the Tootsie Roll owl)

I love that we each have a favorite.
Tomorrow's my last owl day... then who knows what will come next.


Janay said...

Ohhhhh... hadn't seen Sleepy Owl! How cute!
(And hadn't thought about a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop in a LONG time. You guys are right -- looks a lot like that owl!)
I hope to stitch my Sly owl today or tomorrow. Need to go add Sleepy Owl to my SWAK wish list! :)

Kris said...

Nicole, all of those are just so, so cute!! I LOVE owls!

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I have never seen owl towels but in my trips around the mountains of Denver!