Thursday, August 27, 2009

Too busy playing basketball to sew....

That's not really true.

I've been sewing a lot, also, just nothing I'm ready to unveil yet... he he he.
that's my evil laugh...

But my Mom did send us a basketball goal in the mail and it has been getting much use!
I play everyday while I'm waiting for the bus to drop William off, then he and I play together until he's about to starve to death! Jerry plays everyday after he runs and the boys pretty much played the whole weekend. It's awesome.

So... no sewing pictures, today. Just the boys and the new goal- and William's pajama's that he had to wear (even though they are too small) because they were basketball. I guess it's time to make him some bball p.j's... hahahahhahahaha

***sorry about the pictures of Jerry without a shirt- I think he was trying to get a tan... hahahahhaha*******

Thanks to Nannie and Mom for making our basketball fun possible!


Kris said...

How fun!!!! What a great way to have a great time with the family a well as having your kids outside and playing! You have an awesome mom!

Mrs.Fitz said...

Your mom rocks!!! They look like they're having a great time!

Cennetta said...

Looks like the family had a great time. Enjoy it while you can. Summer is almost over.