Monday, September 28, 2009

Ballet Slippers!

My Mom is the GREATEST!!! Not only did she teach me to sew and to love fabric, but she also keeps me in supplies. I get boxes of fabric, bags of zippers, threads, needles, embroidery files, ribbons.... anything and everything I could possibly need.

This is one of the patterns that she bought me that has made me the most excited! My Boos loves shoes... even as a little tiny baby she was drawn to them. This child has had more shoes in her lifetime than anybody I've ever known. She even asks for them for birthdays and Christmas and Easter. She LOVES shoes!!!

So, this is the perfect pattern for her or any shoe and slipper lover. I made three pair of shoes this weekend, but plan to make many more!

The first pair, I made for Lucy with satin leopard (from Hobby Lobby) and some scraps (from a dress my Mom made her)of cotton with red and white hearts. I top stitched the slippers with red thread and added the little red buttons.
...every time we are looking for buttons (in the huge box from my MOM)Lucy always picks out all of the heart buttons and carries them around....

The second pair, I made for Boos. She picked out her fabrics- a pink satin and (my favorite little girl print) a sweet rosebud flannel for the lining. Then I added the little ribbon roses. I love those!

and the third pair, I made for one of my girlfriends who had her first baby a couple months ago. She is a dance teacher and an amazing dancer- so Lakelyn had to have some ballet shoes. I'm sure she will inherit her Mommy's talents.
I made hers more traditional with light pink satin and the satin ribbons to tie on the legs and I added these adorable tags from digistitches. I just love those!

Here's a picture of them on the girls My size Barbie... now Ella wants me to make some for her.... sigh. Maybe.... but some for me first!


Crissie said...

Nicole - completely ADORABLE!!!!! I didn't think it could get any better than those crazy leopard shoes, but the little tiny ballet ones are every bit as gorgeous! I love dropping in to see what you've been making... My blog time is few and far between (I started back to college full time in August) and my sewing time is even more limited, but you are always whetting my appetite to make something.

Hope that you all are well!


Mom said...

Wow they are really cute. No wonder you want to make a ton of them.

John said...

Adorable! Grapes wants some ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha you know i always just look at the pictures and never read anything... WELL i looked at these and thought they were both your feet ha ha ha...besides that baby ones i thought you made just as a decoration to put on the doorknob... HA HA HA HA


Chelsi said...

PRECIOUS!!! I NEED a little girl...sigh.