Friday, September 4, 2009

Barbie clothes for Boos

Ella is so different from me in many ways- she is much more like my little sister Megan.... thanks Megan.

But she is a homebody, like me. She told me, "I don't want to go to Chuck E Cheese or anything on my birhtday- I just want to stay HOME!". My girl.
So that's what we did. She requested that we make Barbie clothes all day, which we did, and I thought would produce much more- but it takes a while for Boo's to decide which fabrics to use. Overall, I think she has pretty good taste, although, the red and leopard one may be a little on the risque side.... again.... thanks Megan.

We picked up some Barbie patterns when they were on sale and also took some from Mom's sewing room. But we only used 3 of the designs. Ella's Barbies would NEVER wear pants.

and here is her favorite one- we used an old nightgown of my Granny's for this one- so it's EXTRA special!

and here is my little princess, birthday girl- in her 'diamond necklace' picking out her fabrics and patterns. I'm so proud!