Thursday, September 10, 2009

Embroidered t-shirts

I usually hate embroidering ready to wear garments, but a very sweet lady on sewforum gave me some great tips that make it so much easier for me now.

I still wouldn't say it's one of my favorite things to do- but I am getting better- so the process is getting easier. It's a good thing, too, because I owe Jacob about 1000 shirts. hahahhahaha

Here is one I made for a friend's little boy who just turned two. I am SO HAPPY with how it came out! It took me three hours to complete it... but I still can't wait to make another one for Caden.
The cougar face came from A Stitch on Time and the numbers came from Lynnie Pinnie.

and then I made this little t-shirt for him, as well. See how I didn't get it aligned properly.... ugh. Stupid. Oh well, I still like it.
The tie applique is from ggdesigns and the fabric is from Wally World.

The kids have been sick for the past couple of days... thought I would get William off to school this morning- but he's still sick, too. So I've got all three home with me today again. Probably means I won't get much sewing done again today... poo.
And I still need to take some photos of some of Boo's birthday presents. Her favorite one- the Giselle dress and her 'Jack' dress that isn't Jack, but skulls and crossbones. I know. Weird.