Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grams Recycled T-shirt Dress

So... here is the first dress I made using this pattern.

I used one of Gram's (Jerry's mother's) shirts to do the recycle. I took these shirts from her closet in the hopes of making them into something for Nannie or for the kids... and could just never think of the right thing to do with them. I couldn't bear to cut them up before.

But when I saw this pattern- I knew it was perfect to make dresses for the girls out of Gram's shirts. Jerry loved the idea and the family was thrilled, too. Ella loves that she has a dress out of her Gram's shirt and that it's from Daddy's school. Although, she calls it her 'bee dress' instead of a hornet dress.

Here's the original shirt that I used.

and here is the recycle. I even sewed the buttons to the bottom of the dress!

and of course, William had to get into the action (he put on his hornet shirt- that we found a Target last year)

The other two dresses I have cut out are also from Gram's shirts- one for Lucy and one for Tenley. I also have some shirts to make something for William and Broc. All in good time...

Here's the other dresses I made with this pattern.