Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Halloween around the corner!

I went to Target yesterday to pick up a few things ... and guess what I saw?

Halloween stuff! Woo Hoo! I just love browsing thru there. I have so many boxes of Halloween decorations- it's seriously ridiculous... but I still love to look.

I have passed that Halloween passion to my kiddos- especially Ella- who somehow loves everything... even the gruesome stuff (which I DO NOT like) I only like Frankenstien, Dracula, and monsters if they are cute and have eyelashes and hearts... Ella likes them all- fangs, blood, scary eyes... ew.

My nephew Dylan loves Halloween, too. I always miss him so much at Halloween because we both love it so much! Look at this awesome picture he sent me in the mail- isn't he an amazing artist!

Look at these adorable in the hoop softies I made for Boo's birthday! Kris over at Jesse Kate Designs sent me the file after she saw these towels on my blog. Thank you so much Kris!

They are the cutest things. Ella loves them- and they are really funny to watch pretend with these guys.

"Boo- I scared you." another voice "oh... I'm sorry. I'm not a scary ghost" hahahhahaha- kids.

You can buy these designs here.

Ella's bangs.... ugh.

I also made Boo this little Jack pillow for her birthday. I just cut up a bunch of 4X4 squares of different black and white fabrics to make the patchwork and then appliqued Jack on the top! I love how it turned out and so does she. She sleeps with it at night and carries it around during the day.

Here's some pictures of Boo's blowing out the candles on her birthday pizza.
She had to have candles in everything she ate the whole day.

...and she kept telling me... "I can't wait until my dreams come true!"...
how Ella is that.

still a few more birthday presents to show before I reveal what I'm working on now...


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