Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Matching outfits for Hay-yah and Grapes!

Well... remember this little outfit I made Alyssa?

I decided Hailey had to have a matching one...
so here is (some really funny photos of Boos and Lucy wearing their outfits)
Lucy's outfit is 6-9 months... ahahhahahahahhahahhahaha
and she looks so cute in it!

The skirt is a pattern that I tested for YCMT. Ella loves it and is begging me for one... I usually don't like long skirts (remember me in highschool in the short plaid skirts and knee highs... and yes, I would still wear that if I was skinny....)
but I really do like this one. It's really twirly and fun.

For Hailey's shirt- I just used this flower font from Lynnie Pinnie.

Here's Lulu:

and what is an outfit without a matching hair bow???
So... here are the adorable bows I made using Pickle Pie's Posy hair pretties. I just used some fabric on the front instead of felt and pinked the edges- I love it!

All the fabrics came from Hobby Lobby.
Hope you like them Liz!


Liz said...

Ah! I LOVE IT!!!!! Outfits are precious and the bows are FABULOUS! Thank you!!!

Mrs.Fitz said...

Those are cute! You'll have to get pics of Hayley and Alissa wearing them!

Mom said...

Those are cute. I can't believe Lucy can get in that. I thought you said she had a huge growth sput.

Anonymous said...

Don't put pictures of Luce in nothing but bloomers on here Cole... especially ones where she's turned around sticking her booty out... :/ Those can be shown to family privately through e-mail or facebook...this is public...

:/ :/ :/ sorry I'm being a worry wort like Mom...

Aunt Judy

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see pictures of Alyssa and Hailey in their outfits.