Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My little Rock Star

Here is one of Boo's birthday outfits that I forgot to share....

she fell in love with this fabric from Wal-Mart. She calls it the "sparkly Jack fabric"
...every skeleton is named Jack.....

I'm not thrilled with it- but she is... so..... eh.
I'm not really a fan of the whole skull thing, but it makes my little girl happy.

I pretty much made my own pattern on this one and all the fabrics are from Wally World.

and we found this perfect headband at Wal-Mart to match!

This is how I prefer her to dress... just a little bit punk rocker... love the socks... and I made the tutu to go under the dress. I wish I could remember where I saw to tie it like that....

the shirt... Ella Bella Rocks.... was a gift from my aunt Sherri on Ella's 2nd birthday. WE LOVE THAT SHIRT!!!! I don't ever want Ella to grow out of it.