Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poor Ali.... :(

My cousins little girl is in the hospital. :(
The poor baby is only four years old.
This just makes me feel so horrible and helpless.

So, I thought I'd make her a little care package.

This is what I put together for her:

The little finger puppets are some I made for my etsy shop that never sold...
I don't know why? They're adorable and I've never met a kid that didn't love puppets.
The design is by sewing for sarah. She has LOTS of awesome puppet files.

The little pillowcase is called a sausage pillowcase (and I've secretly been dying to make one) You can find the you tube video for how to make them here.
I love this fabric, too. It's from my Dallas JoAnn spree!

I also made her one of these awesome crowns to go with it.

and a little Boo Boo Bear for her little hurt tummy. This design is from Zippy Designs.

and here is a little crayon tote that was donated by a very talented lady on sewforum. It was so nice to get this, because most of the crayon totes and roll ups are for larger hoops.
So thank you so much Laura22!!!

I hope little Ali is feeling better soon and I hope my package takes her mind off everything that is bothering her. I also threw in a coloring book and about a 1000 stickers. Poor baby.

I have SOOOOO many more things to show you guys. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

cute...i love it all...the crown is the best though