Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Birthday Present for Emma Daisy

...will a day ever come that I won't want all of Emma's presents to have a daisy on them???....

I don't think so.

Here is the birthday outfit I made her. Mom bought the fabric from JoAnn's for me. I saw it and it just said Emma to me! I used the same vintage pattern for the top as this giraffe top I made Boo's. I LOVE that pattern- especially the darts in the back.

Then I broke down and bought the Easy Fit Pants pattern from and it was definitely worth the $. It saves mucho time when drafting a pattern for those hard to fit little ones. Then I just added a double ruffle to the bottom (which was hard to gather evenly) but is OH_SO_cute!

The flower applique is by Lynnie Pinnie and then I added the Minnie Mouse to the center because my first attempt at this outfit was... yawn.... a snooze fest. (as Heidi Klum would say)

She had to, of course, have two matching bows. These are from Pickle Pie designs.
Have I mentioned how much I love the hair pretties???... so many more to come on my next post!

I've got one more thing to make Daisy and then I'm done for her... then on to baby shower gifts, etsy orders, Halloween costumes, Lucy's birthday presents.....ahhhhh!
Soooooo many projects, so little time!