Monday, October 12, 2009

Christopher Columbus!!!

Is this really a holiday???... I guess so, I couldn't mail my sister her package containing my blog post for tomorrow.

But for today... I just CAN'T get enough of these hair pretties.
Man! Every time Lisa comes out with a new one, I'm dreaming up another outfit I need to make... I have several on the to do list!

Look at these new hair pretties I got!!!!

This adorable snowman... that the girls just wanted to play with. They WOULD not let me attach the clips to four of them- they became the snowman family.

But I did manage to get clips in a few and then I thought of making this little bow with a loop in the front and then you can clip the hair pretties to them. I love that!

Aren't they cute! You guys know I'm a sucker for anything with eyelashes!!!! Adorable!

She also has this sweet bird... I've got this outfit planned out, too and on the cutting table. I can't wait!

and she also has a candy corn (which I've made and forgot to take pictures) and an acorn! I have outifits in mind for both of those, too- but I have to get to those Halloween costumes first... seeing as I have five to make.... ugh.

On another note: Does anyone know where I can find brown tiny rick rack like she used on the arms... my Hobby Lobby, Wal Mart, or Hancock's doesn't carry it. :(
and I went there today looking for it... sad.


jellaan said...

I just love these hair pretties too!! They are so cute!! I love your idea of making a bow with a place to attach the hair pretty.....going to have to steal that idea.

I just sent you and e-mail about the brown rick rack.


Liz said...

So cute, I think the last one is my favorite!