Thursday, October 8, 2009

Emma's new robe set

Well... my niece Emma's birthday present is WAAAAAY overdue!
Here is one of the things I made her (that both of mine want to keep....)

I would not suggest making this robe out of something silky though.
VERY difficult! The neckline wanted to stretch on the bias even though I put the stay stitching in.... It has so many little tiny mistakes.... ugh. I'm mad at it!
But still, it's very cute on! and very comfy (according to Boo Boo's)

and of course, she had to have some slippers to match!!!
I wasted a butt load of fabric getting those kitties on the toes, but love the end result. If you want the pattern info see this post.

and just for fun....
a picture of William for Nannie. I always post pictures of the girls aka: my little models... but hardly post pics of my sweet boy. Here he is.


BConky said...

It's adorable. The slippers are so so so cute. Emma will love them.

Michelle Riley said...

Boy, oh boy! William is so handsome!!!

Anonymous said...

i love it... i don't know how you got that off of lucy though...i bet she loved it too...judy