Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween!

We've been immersed in our Halloween traditions lately- which always begins with putting out the decorations. Then we get out all our Halloween clothes and jammies. Then we read all of our Halloween books. And of course, we peruse all of the awesome magazines and oogle the decorations and yummy Halloween treats. We bake and watch holiday movies and dance to Thriller and the Monster Mash at least once a day!

Here are some photos of our Halloween fun.

This is one of my favorite decorations I've ever made. I made it a few years back when William was little and we bought our first home. I love it!
I just stitched the little felt decorations and then hot glued it all on.

The kids with their Halloween jammies and pillowcases.
I haven't made Lucy a pillowcase yet- still need to do that... but she has a ton of jammies- because she has all the hand me downs. William needs some new jammies. That's on the list, too.

Isn't Boo's cute... she took a bunch of the decorations and lined them up in her bed... aw.

and lastly, Lucy transferring all her favorite plastic toys from the bin to the awesome traditional plastic pumpkin bucket. (which she insists on carrying everywhere!!!)

More Halloween fun to come!


Anonymous said...

these pictures are just extra cute...i can't wait to see them on halloween!!!!!