Thursday, October 22, 2009

Popcorn anyone???

I can't leave William out for too long before he gets MAD at me.

"You never make stuff for me, Mom"
So I whipped up these little pajammie pants for him the other day. I still need to make him a matching t-shirt, but I'm running out of cut away stabilizer.
phew. Just in time for me to go get some from Mom's sewing room!

William has just realized that it's not "cool" to pose for me.
He's experimenting with some new poses- that are more manly and acceptable to his dad. ...... rolling eyes....... men.

So much to do today.... cut out and sew some more Halloween costumes, test a pattern for YCMT, embroider some t-shirt, make a hooded towel.... oh and do the dishes and the laundry.... and we need milk. Ugh.

I need my sister in laws to come over with the babies to entertain my girls!
Have I mentioned I hate living far away from my family..... :(
at least I get to go home in a couple days! Wooo Hoooo I can't wait.


Mrs.Fitz said...

I love the cool poses! He's too funny.

Liz said...

Me & the girls are ready and very willing to entertain anytime while you are here! Cant wait! Oh and cute... I mean handsome & manly pants. ;)