Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gobble Gobble- turkey towels

Here are some of the Thanksgiving decorations our home so desperately needed (according to William I was the Grinch of Thanksgiving...sigh... give me a break...)

I'm climbing up his good list, though, because these are the first of several Thanksgiving themed projects- including some new outfits!

Here's some closer up shots- you can still see the WSS on them... ugh.

Pickle Pie design

GGDesigns design (he's not fluffed up good yet, though...)

Lynnie Pinnie design

I also got this cute little turkey FREE at Embroidery Library, but I don't know what to do with him. We are seriously lacking in wall space so wall hangings aren't a good choice... what else can I do? Ideas anyone???
Oh... and go get that turkey... he's so cute!

Here's a happy kid with new decorations


Janay said...

LOVE them. Those colored towels and your fabric/ribbon choices are fantastic!

Macy said...

Nicole, Thank you for the link, he is way cute! Your towels are very cute! I need to download different alphabets for my machine! It is all so very exciting!

Chelsi said...

Cute as always! Carter wore his turkey shirt to school today and go SO many compliments on it!

Mom said...

I like them all.