Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Handprint turkeys

You guys remember making these when we were in school.
Well... ever since I've become a Mommy- I've been a total sucker for anything with kids handprints! So when I found this fabric from Hancock's- I had to get enough for all the kids + me.

I made each of them a pair of pajama pants... although William wore his to school today.... The girls are from the Easy Fit Pants by Carla C. William's is just some random pj bottom pattern that I had to trace off in size 1 for the width and size 6 for the length... I know.

The t-shirts are from Hobby Lobby and I helped the kids paint their hand prints and names on there.

Lucy insisted that her's say 'Lucy Bean' then of course, William wanted 'William John' and finally with Ella insisting that her's said 'Ella Megan Judy' She's added Judy to her name for good. I guess she thinks she needs to be named after both my sisters... hahahahah. I'm surprised William isn't insisting to be William John Michael and Lucy to be Lucy Bean Beagle..... these kids are sooo Holbrook!

Well, I haven't made my pants yet, but here are the kid's outfits.

Blurry, but cute picture:



Lucy Bean:


and of course, the adorable Turkey Hair Pretties that I got from Lisa at Pickle Pie designs yesterday. Aren't they the cutest!!!! I added a little pin to the back of William's so that he could wear it on his shirt/backpack whatever. I added the little felt heart because... I love hearts!

I made a few other cute Thanksgiving decorations yesterday... but you'll have to wait to see them. Tune in tomorrow!


Mom said...

Love the turkey handprints. I hope William doesn't get in trouble.

Janay said...

CUTE! I love the fabric. When I saw the title to your post, I was expecting to see this design on something cute:

But using their actual hand prints is so much more precious!! :)