Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm sick..... but these snowmen make me smile!

Hardly did any sewing this weekend.
I'm pretty sure I have a raging sinus infection- ugh!
I fell asleep at 12:30 yesterday and slept until 4 and then fell asleep for the night at 8 and slept until 7 this morning. And I still feel like crap.

CRAZ-Y! I never sleep so much!
...and you should see the house, now.... whoa!

Anyways... I made these snowman outfits a couple weeks ago and forgot to blog them!
I made them before one of my readers (so kindly) sent me some tiny brown rick rack that I couldn't find. Thank you Julie!

Now I need to make some more of these little hair pretties, softies, and appliques from Pickle Pie designs! They are sooo cute.
Just look at those eyelashes on the girls!

Here's the softies:

Here's the outfits:
******Ella is closing her eyes like the snow woman! hahhahahahahah*******

and here are the hair pretties:

Sooooooo cute.
I got the purple shirts and leggings from Kohl's.
Now that I know how to embroider rtw- I love it!
I can make an outfit so quick!... well, two in my case. I hardly ever make just one.

Well... I guess I'm going to try to clean up a little bit and run to the grocery... blah..... and hopefully get to some of my Thanksgiving sewing.

Check out these adorable turkey appliques I have to choose from:

GG Designs FREE with any purchase of $10!
Lynnie Pinnie I love his little hat!
Pickle Pie and she also has the matching hair pretties... which I don't have yet... but NEED!
Sewing for Sarah I actually have him stitched out on some cotton- I just need to make him into something.... but what???
Designs by Juju I used these designs for the girls Thanksgiving shirts last year! Sooo cute!

if you know of any other Thanksgiving designs I need to know about... leave a comment!
My home is seriously lacking in the Thanksgiving decorations dept. and William has been telling me EVERYDAY!!!


Janay said...

You already have a pretty good list of turkeys! My MIL just stitched/mailed us matching shirts for the kids using LP's new turkey, they turned out cute!

But my personal favorite is this one from Pegasus Embroidery:
I love that it has a front and back design! My MIL stitched one for Annaliese last year. SO CUTE, and thankfully it still fits! A lot of work though--tons of patches.

Mom said...

Those are cute Nicole. I made the SFS snowman, gingerbread and elf softies this morning. I have some really cute thanksgiving bears and indian bears- remember? Miss you.

Anonymous said...

cute cute... why didn't you put mom on that last snowman? and made a dad one for jerrrrrry...

ella is so funny closing her eyes...