Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Butterick 4910

As you all know, this is my all time favorite nightgown pattern for girls.
It's easy- comfortable- adorable- and has the perfect base for embroidery!!!!

I made this Hello Kitty one for my niece's birthday. Isn't it beautiful?
The fabric came from Hancocks and the applique came from A Stitch on Time.

This one was going to be for Hailey, but Ella absolutely fell in love with it, so I'll have to make Hailey a different one.

The fabric came from Hancocks and the applique is from Lynnie Pinnie. How cute is that raccoon??? I know.
I'm' anxious to stitch him out in regular colors, too! He's too darn cute. I just can't stand it!

More sewing room cleaning today- I'm almost done!
But... my Big Brother and sister in law and their kids are coming for Thanksgiving (Hoooray!) so I'll have to power clean the rest of the house.

When Ella woke up this morning and saw that I had cleaned up most of my sewing area (which is in the living room of our home) and the entire living room, she said, "Oh Mom, it looks so beautiful. Sharon will love it!!!!!!"



Mom said...

Love hello kitty, raccoon is cute too.

Mrs.Fitz said...

Adorable nightgowns as always! SO glad you'll have family for Thanksgiving!