Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More decorations for William

Isn't he cute!
He was so excited about this little pillow we put together. He helped me pick all the colors for the hearts and told me where to stitch them on!
I don't know where this adorable embroidery file came from... I stitched it out at my Mom's house this summer. Mom, do you know where this is from??? or anyone else??? I would love to give credit to the digitizer.

The fabric came from Hobby Lobby- I got it 60% off! Wooo Hooo which made it really cheap! I got some extra, too, to make something for next year. I don't know what... but.... shrug. I love fabric.

This pillow was really easy to make. I just:

*embroidered the fleece
*cut it into a square
*sewed the strips around
*stitched in the ditch and around the embroidery
*hand stitched on the hearts

Then I made the back like a pocket so that I could slip in a non-holiday pillow.

Easy peasy! Happy little boys and girls!

Here's one other little project. I really love it.
My Mom made this guy in her 6X10 machine- which I've always wanted to make, but never gotten done. So I bought this 5X7 one from Embroidery Library. It's cute and stitched out faster! So that's always good.

My brother and his family arrive today- soon! I can't wait!
The house is all picked up, too. Amazing....


Janay said...

Buy one pillow form, but make several holiday covers like that. And no hand stitching!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! I LOVE IT. Thanks for the inspiration. Any chance you can give me some time to actually accomplish all I need to do in the next four weeks?!?!?

Mrs.Fitz said...

You have the best holiday decorations! William is such a sweetheart!

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