Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random stuff for today...

Catching up on some stuff I didn't blog...

This new addition to my etsy shop:
Design is from Stitch on Time (sorry no link- can't get the page to load)
and look at this awesome button I have now thanks to Jerry's cousin, Terri!
Buy one now and have it personalized for free!

Add Personalization here

Replaced the zipper in this AWESOME hand me down UK jacket from Dylan:
(William is thrilled- he's worn it everyday since I fixed it)

My niece's wearing these outfits I made for them:
(Alyssa's little diaper cover didn't fit... boo)

Zach in his White Rabbit Costume:

and just for giggles... my little embroidery helper:
(I'm pretty sure she is the reason my hoop got broken- she likes to sleep in the box with it....and eat all my elastic)

I'm feeling better today- due to lots of sleep and also to this surprise I woke up to in my email inbox. Thank you so much Lisa! You made my day!
Get yours here.

These are going to look GREAT with the outfits the kids and I have been working on!


Mom said...

Cute stuff.

Jeannine said...

Love Kermit, and those towels are great quality. Ask me how I know.

Jenn said...

Those are super cute! Love the white rabbit. And when did ALyssa get to be such a big girl - omg!