Friday, December 11, 2009

Matching Christmas Jamma's for all the kids!

This project has taken a while and is still not 'completely' finished... but anyways... here is the progress.

Mom and I found this great knit on one of our downtown Dallas fabric shopping sprees! It was super cheap- I can't remember if it was $1 or $2 a yard... but something phenomenal! So, we made a deal. If she bought all the fabric I would make the pajama's for all the kids- 8 to be exact- but there will be 9 come March, when we welcome little Sophie June to the clan.

I had big plans at first, to make each child something completely different- robes, sleepers, nightgowns with yokes and eyelet, and buttons.... ahhh... the dreams....
BUT as Christmas got closer and closer and I got busier and busier....

I ended up making really simple t-shirt nightgowns for the 4 toddler girls (but they had to at least have a ruffle!), a sleeper for baby Alyssa and p.j. pants and raglan shirts for the boys.

I just love how they came out! The cutting out was the real drag- and drafting all the patterns- since I never cut my originals anymore.... cheap. I know, but if they go out of print.... then I will still have them!

William had pajama day at school today so I stayed up REALLY late finishing his shirt last night. I wanted to do freezer paper stenciling and make the reindeer look exactly like the fabric... or have Aunt Megan digitize an applique to match... but no time, so I used this super cute applique from ggdesigns. It stitched out beautifully! and William was so excited this morning... even though he doesn't look like it. He's not much of a morning person. ha!

All I have left to do is Jacob and Dylan's shirts, but I'll need better measurements than the ones I have now.


I used the Easy Fit Pants pattern for the boys pants.

OOP Simplicity 5856 for Alyssa's sleeper- which needs something... I haven't decided what yet. Ideas??? Ruffles on butt, applique on side, any others???

and McCall's 5965 for the girl's nightgowns and the raglan shirt for William.

Aren't they cute!!!


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Mom said...

Those are going to be so cute. I love them Cole.