Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New shirts for Alyssa and Hailey

This is a long time in the making.
My sister in law mailed me these supplies a while ago and asked me to make these bow shirts for the girls... and I'm just now getting to it.... stuff just kept going wrong with them.

But.... they are done now and I couldn't be happier. I've never made anything like these before, but have seen them selling for beaucoups of money on etsy. I tell Liz to show me what she likes and I'll make it cheaper....

This is what we came up with:

Here is a close up of Hailey's:

and Alyssa's:

Liz got all the ribbon from Hobby Lobby and the shirts from Target.
I'm sure you could find a tutorial on how to do this online... I just winged it.
I sewed the bows on to the shirt instead of making a separate bow that comes off. I think it will be more comfortable for the girls. I love how they came out... especially the bows for their hair!


Liz said...

PERFECT!!!! Even cuter then I had pictured them! You are the best ever!!

Deborah said...

I just found this on your blog. I love the shirts but I really like the font. Which font did you use for the A.

Cole's Corner said...

Oh gosh Deborah,
I have no idea. I'm so sorry.
I made those so long ago... I just can't remember.