Friday, December 4, 2009

Some new Christmas stuff

Here are a few little Christmas things that I've made lately.

A nutcracker from I don't know when... I took it from Mom's sewing room years ago and never made it. Ella loves the Nutcracker- so I knew this would be perfect for her.

Then I bought this car fabric for Jacob and cut out 2 of each of the shapes and sewed them together to make him some 'red car' ornaments.

Sorry... this is about the lamest post ever.... I'm really busy.... and freezing.


Mom said...

Jacob will love the ornaments. Ella looks very happy with her Nutcracker.

Ashley said...

Cute! Sienna calls our nutcracker "the cracker" it just makes me giggle everytime.

Anonymous said...

op...jakey will LOVE them! boos has always love the nutcraker...remember that loooong book she'd always ask us to read...