Wednesday, December 9, 2009


William asked me what day it was this morning and I told him it was Wednesday.
A few seconds later, he said, "I think you're right Mom, it is Winds-day- it's really windy today!"

How cute is that?
...not as cute as this new shirt I made for Boo's.

I got the striped shirt from Old Navy and the gingerbread house is from Lynnie Pinnie. Soooo cute, isn't it! Boo's loves it.
These pictures aren't so great... it is cold and windy!

The great thing (I think) about sewing is the freedom to make it however you want! In order to get my kids into sewing and also so that they love what I make. I give them the freedom of picking out colors and fabrics when I'm making stuff for them.
Sometimes we get some doozies.... like this but for the most part they do REALLY good! In this case, I was worried when Ella chose pink, purple, and red for her gingerbread house... but I really like how it came out!

Freedom is great.


Anonymous said...

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Mom said...

I like Ella. Good color choices.

Ruffles N Ribbons said...

I love the shirt. I've been getting all of those at Old Navy! They keep going on sale for 5.00 and they are so cute with the buttons. I asked Faith to pick one other Christmas applique out for a shirt for her and she told me, "I want a shirt with a reindeer and Santa standing by him sitting on a sleigh, and can they both be eating candy canes? And it needs to say Merry Christmas." I guess I need a bigger hoop size ;)?