Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Giselle dress

I made this sweet Giselle dress for a girlfriends little girl for Christmas.

I really love the one I made Ella- but it is definitely better to look at on the hanger than on her body. The little bodice just does not work without boobies and a bra and the fabric is really heavy.

hahhahahha.... as much as Ella wishes she had those.... she'll regret wishing for them one day... I know I do...

So I really wanted to make another one that would work better for dress up play. This was the perfect compromise. It still looks like Giselle, but works on a little girl body. I used the round neck apron pattern, adding an over skirt that I tapered off at the bottom.

And then of course, had to add the hand beaded silk flowers and cute hair thingy.... Ella's favorite part of hers!

Here is the recipient... isn't she adorable!!!!

okay... and I know you guys are really dying to see my new hair and the flower girl dress... I promise.... tomorrow!


BConky said...

That first picture of Ella is not cute. I don't know how you can take a bad picture of Ella. The dress is adorable.

Angie Neil said...

OMG this is beautiful!! You did an amazing job!

Angie Neil said...

I just gave you the Sunshine Award!