Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brrrrr..... more misc. Christmas gifts

The furnace went out at my parents house.... brrrrrrrr!
Thank God for heating blankets. The girls and I slept snuggly together under one on the pull-out couch bed last night. But this morning, with my wet hair, I'm pretty darn cold!!!

But I'm happy! Despite the cold and the looming flower girl dress and the broken embroidery machine.... It's my birthday tomorrow! Woooooo Hooooooo! I'm sooooo excited! I'm thinking about doing a give-away. So many blogs do them and I never have... I just don't know what to give away.... got any ideas guys? Family will not be excluded... anyone who reads my blog can win!

My fingers are freezing and that heating blanket is calling my name... so here's just a few pictures of some hand towels I made for Christmas gifts.

My little sister, Megan, made the snowman applique for me and the mittens came from Jesse Kate Designs. I got that whole set for free a couple weeks ago when I spent $20. I was sooooo excited!

These sweet gingerkids were free on sewforum. I love how they look hand embroidered. I wish more digitizers would incorporate that look into their designs. It's soo charming. I love these!

These names were also free on sewforum. They are suppossed to be ropes... but with the red work they kinda double as candy canes. yum.

I made these for my pet loving aunt Mary. The little chihauhua is from Lynnie Pinnie and the kitty is from (one of the cutest sets in the world) Designs by Juju.

These were made using these damask Christmas designs from Embroidery Library. The reindeer and the ornament took FOREVER to stitch out... but aren't they pretty!

.... here I come 31 and here I go to the heated blanket!....


Liz said...

Adorable towels. Brrr you must be freezing, feel free to come over and warm up if you need to!

BConky said...

Those all turned out cute. I love the last two. You should peel off the plastic before you take the pictures.

Just Jo said...

Hi! I love those towels! So cute with a lacy look to them! Sewforum has been boring without you ;)