Monday, January 25, 2010

Captain Underpants!!!

Have you read these books?

I must admit that I've read one... I just had to see what the rage was about... and they are REALLY funny + I LOVE kids books.

Some of my favorite authors:
Roald Dahl
Judy Blume
J.K. Rowling- I just PPVed The Half Blood Prince last night!
and a new favorite.... Rick Riordan
I've only read about half of the first Percy Jackson book, but I LOVE it and I'm so thrilled it's gonna be a movie!

Anyways.... pretty much everyone in my family is an avid reader (my Mom COULD NOT keep me in enough books when I was a kid- everyone thought I was such a nerd in middle school... especially when I was carrying around BIG books like 'Gone with the Wind') hahhahahha.... my husband still thinks I'm a nerd for how much I read.

well, my cousin, Ty, loves this series- Captain Underpants... I mean- LOVES!
So, my cousin asked me to make him some Captain Underpants pajamas for Christmas.
It was one of only three things he asked for and he's 9- so the pressure was on.

I wanted to make them as literal as possible, so I took this picture from the book and went for it. I'm so happy with how they came out. I wish I had a better picture- but this is all I've got.

I just used the Easy Fit Pants Pattern from YCMT for the pants and cut out the shape of the undies. Then took that as a pattern, added seam allowances, and cut that out of the white. I also added bias strips of the white to make the seams of the undies and hand embroidered the black lines on the undies. A flesh colored flannel for the shirt and little black buttons for the nipples... ha... one of Ty's favorite parts and then made the little cape. I got some help from Ashley on how to transfer the image to the fabric and she suggested some iron on transfers. So that's what I did- printed off the picture of the book and ironed it on to the cape- VIOLA- Captain Underpants P.J's.

I made the Rock Star ones for my other cousin Tanner, who plays the guitar and loves to sing. It wasn't nearly as fun to make as Ty's, but I like how it turned out and so did Tanner.

Again, I used the easy fit pants and bought the RTW shirt from Wal-Mart. I just cut out and wonder undered the letters the old fashioned way and then embroidered the microphone with this file from Planet Applique. I love how the microphone turned out! The Rock Star design was a freebie from sewforum from a member in the Netherlands.

And here they are in action on Christmas morning!

Aren't my cousins from Georgia cute!


BConky said...

Love them Underpants. Cute. Tanners look great too.

Janay said...

Awesome. That is hilarious!

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Mrs.Fitz said...

Great job!