Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas for the big girls

I do it every year...
say that I'm not going to make gifts for the adults... then I just can't help myself.

I blame my little sisters. They are 7 and 8 years younger than me- yes, we have the same parents- and I still think of them as babies... so I can't NOT get them a Christmas present. I remember all those Christmas's (is that how you say that????)
when I was working at Outback and running my programs at the rec center and making LOTS of money for a young girl. I would buy them loads of Christmas gifts... stuff my Mom wouldn't buy them and I just loved watching them open all of them and being the 'cool' big sister.

I'm not THAT cool anymore now that the years that separate us aren't that noticeable.... but I still strive to be. hahahhahahahhahaha

This year I decided to make them some glasses cases. I made one for myself a while back and it's one of my favorite things that I've ever made. EVER.
Man... look how tiny Lucy was... sigh.

The fabrics were key.
I chose this Heidi Grace fabric for my sister Megan (the one who is pregnant with Sophie) who wanted to get a tattoo that said 'I love my family'
... I don't know why you have to tattoo that on your body... but whatever....

For Judy,my babiest sister, it had to be owls.
Our Granny, who passed away last year, loved owls and we all want them now... just a little reminder of our Granny.
I'm pretty sure you can't get this fabric anymore... it was just a scrap from some adorable shirts I made the girls a while back. I think I made them before I started my blog... I may have to post them one day.... hmmmm....

For my cousin, Kourtney, who is the same age as my babiest sister, I had to go with Barbie. Look at her... you'll see why.

I got this fabric at JoAnn's and made Boo's a dress out of it...also earlier than my blog.... man... but I loved it so much, I asked Mom to get me some more... and she did. Isn't she the best!!!!

and last, but not least, for Jerry's cousin Valorie- she is the same age as me and was also a cheerleader in high school- so we've always seen eye-to-eye. She has a little dog that is her baby so I went with the puppy paws fabric. No clue where it came from.

These are a pretty quick little project and are soooo useful for those of us that wear glasses everyday. The design is by Pickle Pie and is definitely one of my favorite in the hoop projects. If you haven't tried an ITH project yet- try this one. You'll love it!

She has one for kids, too, which I have and haven't made yet... but they are on the list!

Along with a trillion other things.....


Shannon H said...

Great gifts!! Oneday I will have a bigger machine to do ITH stuff :( You have to post those owl dresses, probably one of the sweetest photos of your girls and cutest dresses you have made! I have to know where is the Barbie fabric from?