Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hooded Towels on Parade

I've done it again...
it seems when I make one I just can't stop!
I LOVE hooded towels. If you want to try one- check out my tutorial here.
They are so fun and easy and make AWESOME gifts for any child or Mom.

Remember that applique from Embroitique I was telling you about. Well... I had to have it! Here's the first thing I made with it (but there's more to come... don't worry)

Tractor by Design by Juju

Puppy by Sewing for Sarah - and of course I had to make the softie to match!

Those were all for my sister in law, Liz.
These are all for my new baby niece coming soon!

First, Snoopy, cause we used to call Megan the beagle.

Turtle by Lynnie Pinnie- omgosh... I love this one!

elephant by Lynnie Pinnie

and this cute little westie from Planet Applique (Megan has a westie named Patrick.... I'm calling this one his girlfriend... tehehe)

Here's another one I just made for fun... I haven't decided what to do with it yet.... keep, gift, or sell.... ??? I really LOVE it. I has some of this awesome Beatles fabric on the bottom. Who doesn't LOVE the Beatles?
Submarine from Lynnie Pinnie

And finally, these two I made as an order for twins- aren't they cute!
Turtles by Lynnie Pinnie

Told you I've been sewing a LOT!!! Just wait until tomorrow!
More to show, more to show!
and something NEW and EXCITING for my blog!


Anonymous said...

They are all so cute Cole. Love Snoopy, Heart, Mrs. Patrick -my faves.

Ruffles N Ribbons said...

Oh i love them all. Esp the first. Was it hard? I was looking at that too on the site. I think it's super cute. And the birthday one like it. I need to make the girls their towels! I bought the towels but still haven't started ha!

Chelsi said...

SOOOO cute!!! We LOVE the precious towl you made Carter, you're so good!