Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's not Sleeping Judy... it's Sleeping Beauty

My adorable niece Hailey calls Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Judy (which is appropriate because my littlest sister, Judy, LOVES to sleep)

But Lucy says... (in the cutest, raspiest voice ever) 'I'm not Sleeping Judy, MOM!... I'm Sleeping Beauty!" and she has been since I gave this to her Sunday night.

It's another one of those times when I should have been working on something else (according to me) but NEEDED to work on this (according to Lucy)....

I suppose she was right, though. I cut out five princess dresses to make for the girl's for Christmas and only got Emma and Hailey's finished (man... I still need to get photos of those... I forgot in the hustle and bustle of Christmas....)

So I put Lucy's chosen princess dress together and I'm so happy with it. I don't know why it took me this long to make one. Snow White is my favorite princess with Belle a close second... but I have always thought that Aurora had the best dress and the best hair.

What do you guys think??? Who is your favorite princess?

I've sewn so much this weekend... I have a full week of blogging already.
So... I guess I should go start on the girl's room... remember how it gets.... it's there...... so there. sigh.
Sewing is so much more fun.


BConky said...

Lucy is my favorite princess. Lucy you look so beautiful. Grandma misses you so much.

Just Jo said...

Grandmas are not wrong. I think I agree...Lucy! So, Cinderella comes in second.

Liz said...

She is so cute! Hailey loved the dress....she told me she was going to ask Santa for one haha

Mrs.Fitz said...

I always loved Sleeping Beauty! My favorite part is at the end when the fairies are fighting over whether the dress should be blue or pink! Lucy make a lovely princess!

Anonymous said...

i think sleeping beauty is the prettiest and belle is the best character...

and lucy is RUDE not wanting to be sleeping judy!!

---aunt judy---

ellenbenny said...

Can you tell me what pattern you used for Sleeping Beauty? I am looking for one and have seen a couple on ebay, but most are out of print and hard to find. I like this one, it would work for my granddaughter. You do great work... Found you from SWAK Embroidery.


Cole's Corner said...

Hi Ellen,

I used Simplicity 4949. It's a Disney Princess Costume pattern and is super simple! You're right, they are hard to find. Every time they come out, I stock up!