Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love Cole

... that's what my Jacob calls and tells me when he wants a new shirt....

hahahhaahhahahaha... he is so cute and persuasive!

I had this fleece pullover hoodie cut out already, but had to throw it together yesterday after a phone call from Jacob requesting more shirts.

*a Cookie shirt
*an Oscar shirt
*a Rosita shirt
*a Big Bird shirt
*an Elmo shirt
*a Zoe shirt

and then.... all done. all finished. are you done? okay......
I better get on those other new shirts.

Here's the Cookie Fleece pullover. I used this applique, but sized it down to fit my hoop and Jalie 2453 (that I traced off at my Mom's) I traced one off for me too!
I must say, too, that these patterns are wonderful! If you haven't tried them- you should. They are expensive- but you get all the sizes and they are really great styles that will never go out of fashion.

Mom bought me all of the fleece from the remnant scrap bin at Hancock Fabrics over Christmas break.

Here are the t-shirts I made Jacob for Christmas.



Baby Bear- for this one I tried to do the freezer paper stenciling. I cut out the shape of baby bear with my cricut cartridge and then hand painted the face... hence the little mess up on the eye... ugh.
On the ones I paint him I put 'love Cole' and he likes to read it... that's why he says 'love Cole' to me. :)

I can't wait to give him this hoodie! It's what I was working on instead of what I should have been.... blush. Oh well.


Mom said...

I love them all. A cookie, a cookie.

Ashley said...

I love that hoodie with the check!

~Beth D. said...

your fabric choices are fantastic! love the hoodie. my son would absolutely love wearing that!