Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love is in the air!

Don't you LOVE it!!!! And it was done entirely in the hoop!

I have always admired stuff like this and had it on the to-do list... but somehow it never gets made. I see them and think 'I could make that' and I could. But it would never look THIS PERFECT, THIS PRETTY, and be THIS EASY!!!

Look how beautiful it is tied together with the scraps of fabric, tulle, and ribbons! Sigh.... romantic, sweet, beautiful!

I got the banner design from Embroitique- a first for me. Jackie is a member at sewforum and has posted the most adorable designs lately. I just had to have this one! I LOVE Valentines decorations... but for some reason... am completely lacking in them.

Then I added the little hearts on the sides with this freebie applique from Becca at Planet Applique. I'm such a sucker for hearts!

I am just so in love with this decoration! I think everyone should make one. The file is sooo nice, too. Lot's of underlayed stitching makes it look so pretty. And you know what else... I didn't have to buy anything to make it. I had all the scraps, thread, tulle, ribbon and felt on hand. But even if you didn't, this would be a really affordable project for something that you will cherish for years. The design is on sale right now, too.

and check out some of these other designs- seriously cute and unique!
Valentines Fortune Cookies
In the Hoop Shabby Chic Monogram Set
Shabby Chic Princess Crown

... I don't know... I think Alyssa might need that birthday crown when she turns one this year.
What do you think Liz?

Told you my mojo was back!


Ruffles N Ribbons said...

i love love love LOVE that! Am going to get it right now!!

Macy said...

Oh gosh I love it! I wish I had the 5x7 hoop!

Crissie said...

LOVE IT Nicole! I just bought this design too. I can't wait to stitch it. :) Yours is adorable. xoxo