Monday, January 18, 2010

My mojo is back!

Guess what?
You'll never believe this... I picked up my embroidery machine on Friday morning and didn't sew anything on it (or my regular machine) until yesterday. But... it's back!
My sewing mojo that is.... and my Mom's is back, too. She hasn't sewn anything in a while either and now the both of us are on a roll!

Of course, I wasn't working on what I should have... I don't know why I do that.
Whenever I have a looming project I always tend to put it off and do something else... I need to quit that.

I haven't photographed the new stuff I made yet... but here's some more random Christmas stuff I made for gifts.

These are some Kermit towels I made for my etsy shop!
The file is from Stitch on Time.

Some little softies for Emma.... hahahhahaha... I cut these out for her first birthday and never stuffed and sewed them.... oops.
The softie files are by sewing for sarah.

A little gingerbread ornament:
This is a hair pretty design by Pickle Pie.

Toys for Alyssa:
Designs by Sewing for Sarah.

another one for Alyssa (Daddy's favorite)
Designs by ggdesigns.

well.... hope you like those.... they were all so fun to make and give away.


Mrs.Fitz said...

Glad you're back in the groove!