Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The 'not itchy' marrying dress!

This is a favorite, for sure.

I was commissioned by my Aunt Sherri to make a dress up wedding dress for my niece Hailey for Christmas.

Here's some background info on Hailey:
*she lives in dress up dresses (just like my girls)
*she wears dress up high heels 24/7- literally
*she HATES uncomfortable clothes
*she has the prettiest hair of any child I've ever seen

So, I knew that the most important thing was comfort for this marrying dress!
So... what to do? Use knit!

I just used some pretty, soft, white t-shirt knit and some awesome stretchy stuff with some bling that I stole from Mom's sewing room (but never knew what to with)

I used Jalie 2791, which is actually an ice skating costume pattern.
It's the same one I used to make this Barbie dress for Boos.
I made it without the fleshy stuff at the top (because my machine eats and added some straps to keep the boobies from showing. Then I just added a long satin skirt to the bottom. No pattern for that- just a big rectangle gathered and sewed on to the bodice.

She loves it!!! She calls it her 'non itchy marrying dress' because my Mom also got her a store bought one- the itchy one.... but she wears that one, too, in limited amounts.

Here is Ella modeling the dress, which she wants, of course:

and here is Hailey (before she broke out in full break dancing, forward rolls, and cheerleading jumps)

Isn't she beautiful in her marrying dress....
I wish you could see all the nieces marrying each other... it's so cute!


Liz said...

for sure one of the most loved projects you've made. It is so adorable and is pretty much all she wears right now. Best Aunt ever!

BConky said...

She is beautiful. And the dress is well loved.

Angie Neil said...

LOVE the dress and Ella and Hailey are dolls!

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