Friday, January 22, 2010


Yea! It's almost the weekend and William has his first basketball game of the season tomorrow. I can't wait.
I'm the annoying Mom that cheers REALLY loud even when he's messing up, playing with his hair, or whatever... I don't care. He is sooo cute in his little basketball outfit. I'll post pictures this weekend.

Until then, here's some cute ones of Lucy in this outfit I made for my etsy store.
I've decided to just go for it and make some clothes to go in there. We'll see how it goes..... Everyone always raves about my clothes and bows... so hopefully they will sell.

I love this one and it's hard to give it up, but that's the way it goes I guess.

and of course, bows to match... my favorite part!

The embroidery design on the t-shirt is from Pickle Pie designs, as well as the little hair pretties (have I mentioned how much I love those....) and the knit skort was made using Lil Blue Boo's Recycled Ruffled skirt pattern. You can find it on her blog and also on

I have been a sewing fool lately... I have so much to show you. Hooded towels, sweet, tiny baby onesies, Valentines shirts, hand towels, baby clothes, bibs, blankets.... oh... so many cute things. Maybe I will have to make two posts a day....

If you know someone who might want to purchase this outfit... send them here.
Thanks! Have a great weekend everyone!


BConky said...

The outfits cute but Lucy is much cutier.

auntiepattycakes said...

I love the outfit. I can't wait to try out the hair pretties, I just bought the design too!When do we get to see your new hairdo?

Liz said...

Cute outfit, cuter bows, cutest kid! I love Lucy!

Ashley said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Those bows are ridiculously amazing! So impressed!