Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baby clothes for Sophie

I have to begin by saying, Happy Birthday Judy and Dylan and Happy Groundhog Day! Anyone else gonna watch Bill Murray tonight??? I am.

So... my little sister is on bed rest. Baby Sophie likes Mommy to lay in bed and sing to her. And I just can't stop thinking about them... or making stuff.

Here are some of the adorable, tiny, sweet baby things I made her.
The pants are $3 from Wal-Mart.

This one is my favorite!!! I'm usually not much of a fruit on clothes kind of girl... but I just think these cherries are so sweet. The file is from Lynnie Pinnie and let me just tell you..... these appliques are SO COOL!!!! She has a bunch of different ones that are zig zagged. They go sooo quickly and that is really helpful when you have to sit at the machine and hold back the fabric on those teeny tiny onesies!

This one actually reminds me more of Judy (my littlest sister) but I really like it!

and then this little baby shirt. I LOVE embroidering these snap shirts. They are so much easier than the traditional onesies! This little file is from Planet Applique.

This week I'm working on a baby blanket and some burpies for baby Sophie.
It's sooo fun to make baby stuff!

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Liz said...

Those are adorable, cant wait to see little Sophie modeling them!

BConky said...

They are all cute. Cherries is my favorite.

LadyBug said...

Hi there! I really love your creations. Do you have any good recommendations for sites or books that teach machine and/or hand embroidery? What is the difference with applique? I'm so confused but I want to be creative too lol :) Thank you in advance for your help!

megangorman said...

i love them! and she's such a brat we'll need them SOON!

1stkidswholesale said...

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Susan said...

These appliques are so cute. I need to give a try at doing this.