Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check out this gallery!

All the entries are in for the lil blue boo contest and the gallery is up.
Go check them out here. There are so many amazing entries! I especially like the G.I.Joe dress I have very fond memories of playing Joe's and Barbie's with my little brother. and the little girl with curly, red, orphan Annie hair is just the cutest little thing and I really LOVE that monster hoodie, too! But I'm glad I'm not a judge. It will be so hard to narrow that down to 10.


Let's check out my I love Lucy dress today!
Who doesn't love Lucy??? If you don't... I'm sorry... I just think you're stupid.
Funniest. show. ever.

and now that I have a little Lucy, I am even more in love with all things Lucy.

How could you not love this face?

The applique is from
A Stitch on Time.
The fabrics are all from my stash. I know you're wondering about the I love Lucy knit! My Mom bought me a pair of knit pajamas from Big Lots a few years ago to cut up for Lucy into something and I wanted to have them to wear, so I went back and got another pair to cut up- they've just been hanging out in my knit bucket for 3 years. The ones I wear are almost thread bare. For real. I love them.

I only used a little bit of the p.j's for this project, so I still have some left! Hooray! But I did use the cute little tag on the bottom of the dress. I love that.

And some more cute shots of my little Lucy.

and freezing to death.

For this dress I used the Sienna dress pattern, but changed the sleeves to be short.

On another note: Please say a prayer for my little sister who is back in the hospital as of yesterday.

Have a great day today.


Susan said...

Such amazing entries, but you will win for sure because your outfits totally rock. That outfit for lucy is so darn cute. Love the fabric you used.

Mom said...

I love Lucy.

Grandma said...

Put a coat on that baby.

Liz said...

could she possibly be any cuter??? Love Lucy to pieces!

Just Jo said...

Way too cute, Nicole. The "I love lucy" fabric is adorable. I thought I was the only one who buys RTW to cut it up and make my own thing! Great! Prayers for your sister, for sure!!

Ashley said...

I really like the I Love Lucy dress, adorable! And, I am the one that made the G.I. Joe dress, so thank you, very much. My husband is in Afghanistan and we're meeting him in Germany in a few weeks, and I wanted to surprise him with the dress (he hasn't seen our daughter since Oct, just before her first birthday). Anyways, I wanted to say thank you!

Brittany said...

That is adorable. Both the girl and the dress! I'm a big Lucy fan, too. I recently borrowed the Season 1 DVDs from my aunt and was sad to give them back. I think Target has the whole series. I want it!

Thanks for you comment on my cowboy quilt. I hope they will like it/them. Now if I could only finish it!

Ashley said...

Seriously! Can I link this? I have a Lucy, too, and while she has plenty of Lucille Ball stuff, this dress is absolutely amazing! Can I copy? I saw it on the gallery this morning (I entered, also :) and have been thinking about this awesome dress all day! Who knew. I actually looked on here to see where you got your fabric, so thx for the informative post. I looked at all the entries while the kids were eating cereal and it was on fast play, so I didn't realize that you had 9 entries. Good for you. I love knits, too!