Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A delighting distraction!

Well... my little sister's blood pressure when way up last night and they decided it was time to take Sophie. They are working to try and get her to deliver naturally and the poor thing has been miserable ever since. I just can not stop thinking about her and my new little niece that is still not born yet.... :(

I was just sitting here thinking about what to blog about... when I opened Peachy Sews and saw that she has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger award! I found Peachy on sewforum- thank you so much Peachy!

I am just so thrilled that I don't have to think about what to blog about anymore and this will take my mind off my little sister.... at least a little.

I have to tell you 7 things about me.

#1. I am VERY laid back. Ask anyone. I am pretty much the most laid back person ever. I don't stress, I don't let anything bother me, and I'm really hard to embarrass, upset, or irritate. Unless you mess with my family...

#2. I LOVE my family!!! I have wonderful parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, in-laws, cousins, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, and the most adorable nieces and nephews EVER! We have a HUGE family!

#3. I want more babies! I would probably keep having them forever (if Mr. Cole would let me....he won't.) I was lucky to have very easy pregnancies and deliveries and very healthy babies. I LOVE babies and kids!

#4. Before we moved to AR I lived in Texas (the best place in the world) and ran my own business out of a recreation center. I coached competitive cheerleading, tumbling, developmental gymnastics, and various other classes for children. I LOVED my job and my kids and it was very hard for me to leave. I passed the business on to my little sister, who then passed it to our littlest sister, who will probably pass it on to one of our veteran cheerleaders.

#5. I learned to sew from my Mom, who is a self taught (amazing) seamstress. She made all my prom/Homecoming dresses, 1st communion dress, church dresses with smocking, holiday dresses, spirit day costumes, Halloween costumes, and my wedding gown. She bought me my first machine when I moved out on my own and my family moved to Houston for a short while. Since then she has bought me a few other machines... when I broke mine.... gave me some machines and also loaned me the money to buy my first embroidery machine with my own money. In addition to keeping me stocked in fabric, thread, zippers, needles, patterns... pretty much everything.

#6. I have two Brother 6000i sewing machines (I thought one was broken, so my Mom replaced it and then I got the other one fixed). I have one set up with a ruffler foot, but have never been able to get it to work. I have a White super lock serger that I only finish edges with. I never sew with it, I never think the seams are tight enough... I really want a new one....
and finally my favorite thing, my Brother PE-700 embroidery machine that I got off ebay for $500. And bought myself!

#7. I stash fabric.
In the closet. In the garage. In reusable shopping bags. On bookcases. In my car. Under the bed. Everywhere. I sew in the living room.

I LOVE fabric. I LOVE sewing. I LOVE my family. I LOVE cake.

that's about it for the seven things....for now.

And to pass this on to 7 other blogs.
I'm going to share some new blogs to me. I've only been reading these for a while, but have really enjoyed them so far.

Crap I've made... I just love that name, too.

Craft Phesine... no clue what phesine means... but she makes cool stuff!

Crafterhours- like most of us, young stay at home Mom's- the crafterhours are when the kids are asleep. I especially love their heading thingy. Hand embroidery is so beautiful.

Just Jo- I 'met' Jo on sewforum, too. Her blog is dedicated to sewing projects, home decorating, and baking... yumm...

Laffty Crafty- cute blog, cute stuff, cute kids... and I really want to know how to get that etsy thing she has on her sidebar.....

Noodlehead- funny name and very cute little girls.

The craft lady of steel.... check out this cake... I had to follow.

Okay.... today I am strictly working on two things.
#1. worrying about my little sister- check
#2. working on outfits for the lil blue boo contest

Please pray for my sister or think about her or make a wish on a star for her.


Mom said...

I knew all that stuff. Megan is resting right now.

Brittany said...

Thanks for the Kreative Blogger award! That's so sweet! Sounds like a great distraction.

I hope everything goes well with your sister!

Crystal said...

Prayers for Megan and little Sophie!

And the Etsy thing is just an etsy mini.. Go to *your etsy* on the site then scroll down to *promote* And under that it says *Etsy Mini* Click that and you can choose items from your shop to display and the size :)

jellaan said...

Praying for Megan and Sophie!!

I'm a fabric stasher too!! Don't know when I'll use it all, but I LOVE fabric!!

beckimimi said...

Prayers for little Sophie and her mom. Is this her 1st?
Just what I needed! More blogs to look at!
Need to clean my sewing room. It's horrible! Fabric falling everywhere!


Peachy said...

Oh girl, sounds like you've got one AWESOME Mom!
I stash fabric too , like their will not be anymore made.
Best wishes going out to your sister. I hope she's doing well

Cole's Corner said...

Thanks Crystal! Wooo Hoo!

And thank you everyone for the well wishes for Megan.
This is her first baby and Sophie still hasn't come yet. They finally let her have an epidural and are probably planning a c-section now.

Good Buy Consignment said...

Sounds like a big day in your family - best wishes for your sister! I can identify with the fabric stashing and love Love LOVING Babies - love babies so much!

Anonymous said...

I see that everything thing went good with your sister and her baby is beautiful.

I have been admiring your work since I found your blog a week ago. I am new to sewing and would love to know what your choice of stabalizer is for all your beautiful work you do on your embroidery machine. Also you said you didn't like your ruffler on your machine. So what is your way of creating ruffles.

Cole's Corner said...

Hi Susan,
I buy all my stabilizer from All brands.
I use a heavy duty cut away for all my ready to wear and knits

and for woven fabrics, toys, puppets, and towels I use a midweight tearaway stabilizer

and then on top of towels, minkie, and fleece I use water soluble laundry bags from a hospital supply store- I can't find the link.... sorry

and for my ruffles... I do them the old fashioned way. Two lines of basting stitches all the way around, mark 1/4's of the garment and ruffles and gather them up and pin. It takes forever... but I'm used to it, now.

Susan said...

Thanks so much for all your answers. Glad to hear you use allbrands. I have used them for the first time last week, when I ordered my Serger. You can disregard my other question with my comment in the other post.

Just Jo said...

Hi Nicole! I am just getting around to reading emails, checking blogs and such! Just wanted to say "Congrats" on yet another award. Your awesome! Thank you for mentioning my blog, too! Cyberhugs....