Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Nannie and Mom

I originally started blogging so that I wouldn't have to email a slew of family members pictures of the kids and also to show Mom all the stuff I was making. It has grown into a full blown sewing/embroidering blog, but I don't want to forget my first readers and what they want from Cole's Corner.

So.... here ya' go Mom and Nannie.Enjoy!

Ella reading to her big Barbie:

William loving his snow day:

A brilliant idea I read in Family Fun (I love that magazine) I always let the kids play with the snow in the bath tub, now. They love it!

Snuggling with big brother:

Making squid dogs (another Family Fun project)

A worn out Boos:

Lucy decides she likes the Pet Shop dress:

My cats:

William's music performance at school:
Thank you so much to Reba, Diamond, and AP for taking him and dressing him up for us

Ella's new obsession with 'cleaning and organizing':

Lucy looking adorable and playing DS in Dylan's hand me down jammas:

Serious game playing (I know he's in his undies... when is he not?):

Making icing and cake:

William's basketball game yesterday- Boo's is wearing her topic of tomorrow dress:

Adorable owl fabric from Hobby Lobby!


Terri Bowden said...

They all look so sweet, I love the one of Lucy in William's old pajamas! And omgsh I just saw that fabric this week, I wanted it really bad. Will probably go back in a few days. It's ADORABLE!

BConky said...

Love all the pictures. The owl material is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Seriously wishing I had a Hobby Lobby right now. LOVING that owl fabric!