Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to be the 'best MOM ever' in 20 minutes

First, you'll need
*a little flour
*a rolling pin
*an apron
*cookie sheets and one heart cookie cutter

Follow the directions on the box for cutout biscuits, except cut them with a heart instead of a circle.

Bake with one cookie sheet on top of another one- so the bottoms don't burn.

While you're waiting the 8 minutes for them to cook- stitch out one of these adorable hair pretties with ribbons attached (that your girls can pretend is LONG hair) or make two if you have two babies or 4 if you have nieces that will want one.

And then you have this:

and this:

and you are the best Mom ever!
It takes so little to please my babies.

Homemade biscuits, homemade presents or ice cream... shown here on Lucy's face... will do it every time.
Okay... I just threw that one in of Lucy cause she looks so cute.

William is back in school today- so hopefully I'll accomplish more today.


Terri Bowden- Owner/Creator of Ruffles N Ribbons said...

Adorable, gosh I wish I could make myself get up early enough to do that before school ha! We have it down to a minute in our getting ready, eating breakfast, and out the door time. Maybe next Monday I will make that a goal! Awesome mommy Nicole =).

BConky said...

Love the pictures. Need one of Ella boo boo's face.

Jenn said...

Sewing WHILE baking?? I am deeply impressed.