Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kentucky sweater make over

Okay... so... back to my lil blue boo contest submissions.

Let's talk about this old Kentucky sweater that I had in my closet.

It's one of those things
*you get as a gift and love it, but
*it never fits
*you put it on and take it right back off
*but never get rid of it, because you like it

After reading so many great blogs from people who recycle, reuse, and love cutting up old clothes- I dove in and I'm so happy I did.

Now this awesome sweater that I've always loved is actually being used.
And isn't he so cute in it???

Here he is with the pink basketball he got me for Valentines Day!

I used the recycled hoodie pattern for this and it's really amazing how easy and quick this went together. That's the joy and greatness of cutting up an already sewn garment. The hems and the great stripes were already done for me. I just added the UK applique from A Stitch on Time (I can't find it on her site anywhere, though). It did turn out a little short on William. I used every bit of length I could from the existing sweater without letting out the hem... which I'm going to have to do. UGH!

I do LOVE it though. Go cut up some old clothes that you love in the back of your closet, but you never wear. You'll be glad you did!


Liz said...

You have mad skills! I love it!

Mom said...

Love it. Going to get Megan up and walking the halls after lunch. Sophie loves the baabas's

Kris said...

Wow!! That turned out really good! I've never tried my hand at that myself, but I'm thinking I need to for sure!

Susan said...

You are so amazing, I need to go dig through some old clothing.