Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The knit Mermaids!

Okay... so continuing on the theme of knit dress up dresses, here are my knit mermaid dresses. Aren't they cool???

I just LOVE them!

I started with the recycled halter t-shirt dress pattern by lil blue boo (same as the super hero) and some knits from my stash. The fleshy material in the middle is like a mesh knit netting that is used for ice skating costumes. My Mom bought it for me from JoAnn's.

I cut the pattern exactly like the directions- making sure to measure on my kiddos how long the bodice, belly, and lengthened skirt should be and making adjustments.

For the bodice, I used Embird to merge the 'boobie' parts together into one 5X7 embroidery hoop. Boo's had to be Ariel, so she got the seashells (from Designs by Juju) Lucy let me pick, although it took some convincing, and she got these adorable starfish boobies (from Sewing for Sarah)I even added some fleece under her starfish to make the boobies pop out a little... tehehehe

Then I had this:

The girls loved them... but I knew they were missing something.

So I thought on it a few days and this is what I came up with:
1. it needs some bling
2. it DEFINITELY needs fins
3. something at the waist
4. and for Ella something to make it authentically Ariel... she always wants those p.o.s. dress up clothes from the store... why??? because they have those stupid plastic pictures of the princess, barbie, whatever on them- to authenticate them.

So... for #1. We picked out some buttons. Of course, Ella had to have a zillion and in the shape of a necklace. Lucy just picked out the one big daisy- which coincidentally came off my Punky Brewster costume from a few years back.

#2. I cut the bottom of the skirt into a mermaid shape and then added some ruffles. Ella's turned out beautiful... Lucy's lacks a little to be desired... but I think I was making them at about 2 am. Bad Choice. hahahahha

#3. more ruffles! and a little gathered rose for Ella and Lucy's Punky Brewster button- with the same ribbons that were on it on my costume. Score!

#4. Easy. Some Ariel cotton fabric and a button maker kit and viola! Authenticated Ariel merchandise. Thank you.

And what about these cool hair thingies!

Click here if you want to see how I made them.


mathstamp said...

Love it! I hope you make more Ariel costumes and put them in your etsy store. My daughter is obsessed with Ariel!

Terri Bowden said...

wow, SO awesome, pretty sure you are going to win the contest. and i love the hair wss doesn't look like that, it isn't transparent. but it says wss on the package? weird.

Susan said...

The mermaid outfits are adorable. You have to win. I want to make these for my dd. Thanks for sharing and I hope you win.

Mom said...

Good info. Girls look adorable. Stephen is here holding Sophie.

Anonymous said...

These are too cute. From the first pic I thought they were tops and skirts, with their bellies bare but as I looked and saw it is actually a flesh colored fabric piece. I love it!

Just Jo said...

Oh my goodness! Beautiful! Please let us bloggers know the minute you find out that you won :)
Great tut! Thanks!

Sabra said...

those star fish are killing me!!! so stinkin' cute. Hope you don't mind, I came from LBB's site.

Susan said...

What exactly is the fleshy material and where could I find it? My little girl loves the mermaid outfits. Actually she loves them all but this and the super hero is her favorite. So glad they both use the same pattern.