Friday, February 12, 2010

Last Minute Valentine Gifts

The best Valentines are handmade. period. Don't you agree?

I love making, receiving, and especially giving home made Valentines to the people I love.

Like always... I have more grand ideas than time to do... shrug.
Some people think I get a lot accomplished... but there is so much more I want to be doing! (new ironing board cover, pattern weights, robes for the kids, clothes for me, cute jacket I have all the stuff for, more submissions to the lil blue boo contest...) and all I should be doing (dishes, mopping the kitchen, laundry, picking up the kids bedrooms, cleaning out my closet, having a garage sale, paying taxes....)

But I did accomplish some things for Valentines. I've been waiting to show so I won't spoil any surprises, but who am I kidding??? My nieces, nephews, husband, kids, and cats don't read my blog. hahahahhahaha So.... spoil away!

First for the hubby, Mr. Cole. Men are hard to buy for. Huh.
I forwarded a little email hint to Mr. Cole of some flowers... this is what I got in return. HA!
nice one. and good try.

This is what Mr. Cole is getting instead.

Wooo Hoooo... sorry ladies... you don't get to see them modeled.
Aren't they cute! I couldn't resist when I saw this embroidery file from Lynnie Pinnie. I just thought they would be so funny!

and then this.

I got the idea from Homemade by Jill this morning. Mine is much wonkier than hers- but I think it adds to the homey-ness of it. At least that's what I'm telling myself. I thought this applique by Embroitique would be perfect on it. Mr. Cole is a truck man! Always has been. It's the country boy thing, I suppose (although he did used to love to drive my before kids car). I don't know if I'll get to the mixed CD thing, but none-the-less. It's cute.

For the girls in the family- a must have- holiday hair pretties. Of course, these are extra awesome because they have ribbons dangling down that (in pretending state) is the most beautiful long hair any princess could ever want. And they can even flick it around when they sass you. Wonderful. Shades of things to come.

or you can send this kind in an envelope to someone far away for VERY little $. The file is FREE at Swak embroidery. SCORE!

Or if you don't want them to be for Valentines only, how about these?

or these? Intro priced right now!

See how happy and beautiful and princess-y they are.

For older nephews (who were the only ones in their Karate class to get a new belt- go Dylan!) how about this adorable softie with a hint of sophistication for the older kids (who still like toys but don't like to admit it)

or this little quickie penguin by Sewing for Sarah- personalized with love Cole. Jacob loves that!

or this little Koala with a felt heart for the little baby who's almost one... :(

or you could just forget about the hearts and just make something you know they'll love... like this shark shirt I made my nephew Jakey.

and don't forget about the furry ones in your life.

Here are mine.

They LOVE toys! Especially all those softies I make the kids. They drag them all over the house. And especially this last one I made for Boo's as a Valentine decoration (but she uses as a purse)

They keep carrying it and batting it all over the house.
I knew it was time to put these files to use that I bought a while ago.
Aren't they sooo cute. Sara SERIOUSLY loves my elastic so I added some ric rac and elastic to hers.

and of course, don't forget your Mom. This is what I made mine.

and for everyone else (neighbor kids, classmates, co workers, whatever...) go get this free file from Kris at JesseKate Designs and make up some of these super quick lollipop covers. Cute, cute, cute!

and if this post wasn't long enough... here are some photos of the kids making homemade Valentines. They were in heaven with markers, crayons, stamps, ink, scissors, glue, glitter, stickers, die cuts, and paper. Kept em busy for hours. Literally. And my sister in laws wonder why I have all that stuff in my closets? How do you think I sew??? Gotta keep em happy.

Now... go make something homemade for someone you love.
I'm gonna make me some homemade lunch. I'm hungry!


Beth said...

Look winded. Are you getting paid by LP? ha ha Sophie is a cutie.

Susan said...

Your valentines day gifts are awesome. I love making gifts and love it when my 4 year old dd gets creative(which is almost everyday).
I have shelves in my living room set up for her with tons of art supplies for her to get creative when she wants to. Like you our living room has my sewing/embroidery in it, along with toys, crafting supplies, computer and furniture/TV. Oh and the new addition is a play house made out of cardboard.

Kris said...

You amaze me woman!!! OK- LOVE, LOVE the boxers. That's when you know you want to embroider on EVERYTHING. LOL I love that you found that rainbow ribbon for Lisa's rainbow hair pretties. That worked out awesome! And thanks for the shout-out on the heart sucker wrappers!