Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Matching Mermaid Hair Pretties Tutorial

My girls just LOVE all the hair pretties from Lisa at Pickle Pie Designs. They've come to expect one to match every outfit they own. hahahahha

I'm gonna show you how to make any applique embroidery file into a hair pretty.

1. Pick a file
2. Hoop extra strong water soluble stabilizer and stitch the dieline stitch. This will show you where to tape your ribbons.

3. Tape your ribbons in place well (so the embroidery foot doesn't get stuck in them)

4. Trim ribbons above line and re-hoop

5. Applique as usual making sure not to trim your stabilizer and also to leave the satin stitch around the edge for last. So, I did all the face of the starfish and skipped the satin stitch around until last.

6. Turn the hoop over, trim any loose threads and tape a piece of felt to the back of the design

7. Go back thru the file and stitch the dieline again.

8. Trim the extra felt (making sure not to cut the stabilizer)

9. Return to hoop and stitch the satin stitch around the whole thing.

Now just glue a hair clip to the back and there you have it.
Very happy girls!


Shannon said...

Thank you!

Susan said...

Thanks for the how to. You are so talented.

Mom said...

Great Tute.

Misty said...

So glad I found your blog! I just got my first embroidery machine and had no clue how to do this! Thanks!! :)