Monday, February 8, 2010

Poo.... another snow day

William is excited... but I feel like it's never gonna be spring.
sigh.... I'm so ready for spring.

However... go into Target and look at the new towels they have out and on sale! Soooo many pretty new colors to choose from. They even have true red and KY blue, which I have been unable to find for so long!

Lots of new towels going into the shop in the next few days. I gave my facebook fans first choice and now you guys before I put them in my shop. If you are interested in one... just send me a message. The zebra, elmo, bunny, and pink turtle are not available anymore, but can be custom ordered.

This bunny one (which has already sold) was made with an applique my little sister made on the hood and Planet Applique's bunny tail on the rump. I just love this... I put it on something else this weekend, too.

This zebra is from Stitch on Time, but I'm giving it to Alyssa for Valentine's Day... even though I'm pretty sure Hailey is going to steal it.

Another turtle from Lynnie Pinnie, on pink this time, but already sold, personalized and out the door. This design is on sale for only $2- you should go get it if you don't have it. Tooooo cute!

How cute is this frog one??? It reminds me of everything little boy... camo, dirt, and frogs. The design is new from Lynnie Pinnie and I got it for FREE for submitting photos to her online gallery. You should do that. Just use one of her designs, submit a photo, and get a free design. And a super cute one at that. I had to go get this guy to match. I'm not sure what I'm gonna make yet... but I'm excited.

Check out this little guy. He is just too cute, IMO. I've always had a thing for firemen. What girl hasn't, right??? This little guy is from Planet Applique.

And what girl doesn't love pink poodles??? Check out this cutie patootie poodle from Planet Applique. I've been secretly dying to make something out of this file- you know how I love things with eyelashes!

and a close up... so you can see how I put fleece under the fabric to *poof* up the poodles hair. I love that!

Oh... sweet muddy piggies... can still be girly. Isn't she cute with the little rosebuds in her hair. Even though William said the brown ones look like piles of poop. What do 6 year old boys know anyways???

and last... but certainly not the least.... or the last you'll see of my hooded towels.

Cookie Monster and Elmo(which is not available)
Both files came from Stitch on Time.

I'm kind of pooped on towels for the time being. I'm really anxious to make some dresses and hoodies for the lil blue boo contest ending next week. I have two in the works... but so many more in my brain.
I love challenges!
I hate snow.


Janay said...

HA! I hadn't read the design info on that Hippity Hop design, and couldn't figure out why she had put a fluffy cloud in the Easter section on PA. Now I see it's a bunny tail! Thanks for clearing that up for me! :)
Adorable job on all towels, as usual!

BConky said...

All adorable.

squeeli2 said...

Very cute! Thanks so much for sharing all of the links to the emroidery designs. I had never found some of those sites!

Anonymous said...

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