Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Super hero!!!

Okay... I laid out all the knits I could find... in the house, at least.
ugh... embarrassing... and let Ella pick out anything she wanted.
... you can imagine Mr.Cole's face when he came home... hahhahahha....

Of course, she picked the sparkliest fabric she could find and some lycra leftover from when my little sister tried out for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (and got to the very final day I might add)

Well... I was glad though, because ever since I made this dress for my niece for Christmas, I've been thinking about dress up dresses in knit. And why not? They're easy to sew, easy for kids to get on, easy to wash, very comfortable, and just all around great.

So... I've been meaning to make the kids some knit dress up clothes and the lil blue boo dharma trading challenge allowed me the perfect opportunity- as did Ella's fabric choices!

Thus... the superhero dress up dress was born using this pattern. One of my favorites for knits I should add! I made the pattern as is and then just appliqued the chunky star onto the belt area. It was a freebie embroidery file from sewforum.

Ella to the rescue!

and what super outfit is complete without a cape???

This cape has lovingly adorned our dress up box since William was a baby and before that belonged to my little sisters. My Mom made it as part of a beauty pagent Halloween costume in the early 1990's. How awesome is that???

And just for fun... here's some pictures of my littlest sister, Judy, when she tried out for DCC and all the cool sports bras my Mom made her.

I know. Isn't she beautiful!
Here's the one that we used the leftover fabric from.

I would SO wear this one if I was skinny.... watch out if I ever get skinny again... I'll be Britney Spears-ing it up.... hahahahhahaha
I think this is one of the coolest things my Mom ever made. I do, seriously, want to wear it.

Cool, huh.


BConky said...

I like the wonder woman costume. Cute. That's funny you still have the cape. You love to embarass Judy don't you. Baby weighed 6 lbs 5 oz at check up so have to go back next week for another weight check.

Liz said...

So cute, I miss Ella. Judy's ridiculous body makes me so jealous! She would look gorgeous in a burlap sack.

Liz said...

So cute, I miss Ella. Judy's ridiculous body makes me so jealous! She would look gorgeous in a burlap sack.

Susan said...

Love this. And I want to make this for my dd. Is this a pattern that would be good for a beginner to use?

Cole's Corner said...

This pattern is GREAT for a beginner and it's so versatile! I would definitely recommend it for a beginner.

Ashley said...

That is amazing! Your sis is a cutie, too. I have a friend that made figure skating dresses as a side job in college and did very well. I can't even imagine sewing like that, but it is inspiring to see these awesome things that your mom made. Sewing is very hip! I love what you said about the pos dress up clothes. I can't believe how truly pos they really are! I hope I can make dress up clothes for my Lucy the way you have.

AndreaNelsonDesigns said...

Oh man.. Is there a pattern for the sports bra, or did she just make it up?